Marketing Analytics for unicorn e-retailer

About our customer

The client is one of the biggest online marketplace in India



Use Case

Marketing, Business Insights

Implemented a data analytics and lead enrichment platform for activating dormant customers for the biggest private bank in India.

The Challenge

The client's existing marketing methodology was based on macro level strategies. This resulted in sub-optimal utilization of marketing budgets, low ROI and a wrong set of customers being rewarded. We felt that there was a huge opportunity to drive revenues for the client while simultaneously optimizing on the marketing spends.

The Approach

We approached the problem through three different ways:

  • Developing detailed customer level personas, leveraging behavioural and demographic parameters to create dynamic user segments
  • Designing specific marketing campaigns targeting each customer's individual need and expected buying pattern
  • Conducting real-time customer-level analytics on the complete funnel to understand behaviour and optimize for future campaigns

We drove the client's entire marketing campaign through these principles. Some examples of this included:

  • IOut-of-the-box mobile specific segmentation - OS version, device, location & more
  • Segmenting users on any profile parameter - gender, age, purchase history
  • Leverage events to create meaningful target groups - heavy buyers who pay via a specific channel or targeting heavy surfers who do not buy
  • Custom emails, SMS, push notifications and in-app campaigns for specific segments and users
  • Marketing a new launch to users who are predicted to have a high propensity to buy

Comprehensive dashboards were also developed for the client to analyze performance and generate customer-level insights for future optimization. Customer funnels were analyzed on a real-time basis and results converted to actions leading to higher conversions.

The Outcome

The client saw an improvement in conversion by almost 30% and generated an incremental revenue of INR 1.3Bn through our technology.

Capabilities Enabled

Created a powerful marketing automation framework based on detailed customer segmentation

Impact Created

  • Drove an incremental revenue of almost INR1.3Bn for the client
  • Improved customer retention rates by almost 15%
  • Reduced cost of customer acquisition by 5%