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The Financial Institution has been facing a big issue of fraud and defaults in a specific product portfolio since last couple of years. This led to losses for them in this particular product category and also enabled their competitor to take a big lead over them. This specific product is a new and fast growing category in unsecured lending space. In India, major reason behind NPA's of banks is the intention to pay rather than the ability to pay. As this is an unsecured lending product, our aim was to implement a solution to identify the intention of applicant in real time and incorporate into their scorecard.

The enterprises are all facing stiff challenges in churn prevention management causing tremendous losses due to inability in recognising early churn behaviour signals. Our aim is to introduce risk score for individual clients indicating its churn likelihood and visualisations at parametric level for individual clients highlighting major churn reason.

A large SaaS based Silicon Valley startup wanted to add a feature in their software to enable their clients identify employees at high risk of attrition. Adding this feature to the product would attract more companies to use their product and would help them increase their user base.

The client's existing methodology to drive marketing campaigns for target customers was based on generic strategies and basic customer data. We helped develop and implement automated marketing tools which increased the ROI on their marketing spends. This involved creating comprehensive customer segments and predictor model for their future behaviour. The new approach drove an incremental revenue of INR 1.3Bn for the client.

Generating financial profiles for the bank's dormant customers. Enriching these profiles with alternate data sources. Prescriptive engine and a recommendation platform for pitching bank's products. Deploying and integrating these platforms with the bank's CRM and marketing systems.

Developed and deployed a complete loan application and assessment platform for one of the biggest NBFC in India. A mobile app for instant loan approval. Credit assessment engine utilizing thousands of data points from multiple sources. Machine learning bases Image processing platform for reading identity cards and bank statements. Deploying and integrating these systems with the NBFC's CRM system