Singulariti DeepTrace
Get visibility into what data science is doing for you

For Business Owners


Get intuitive interpretations for the black-box models being used. Get an understanding of how decisions are being made at a global, and case level.

Monitor KPIs

Keep track of how the model's decisions are affecting the metrics that you care about.

For Data Scientists

Data Distributions and Anomalies

Major changes in input data trends can severely impact your model's performance. Get alerted whenever something goes wrong with your data.


Being able to intuitively understand why a model is working the way it is lets you tune it better, avoid any unintented biases and makes it easier to explain to business stakeholders.


Test any of your models on any segment of your data and compare performance with other models. Quick results mean quicker decisions.

Performance Metrics

Easily access up-to-date statistical perfromance metrics for your models. Alerts can be raised if perormance drops below your expectations.